SPARK Principles for Business

Do you have all the skills and personality traits you need to be successful at work?

Are you confident enough to speak up in meetings or to ask for a raise?

Can you take criticism without feeling bad about yourself?

Knowledge and desire are not enough to guarantee success nor to make you happy with the success you do achieve.

SPARK Principles are based on the belief that the more you have of the four key elements, the more likely you are to succeed.

Does that mean you can’t be successful if your score is low?

No, it means that once you identify where you score high or low, you can compensate by playing to your strengths and if you want to, you can concentrate on improving the lower scores.

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Take the First Test

How Does it Work?

This is an example for someone who is considering a career in sales.

We start with the four 1st tier skills.

At it’s most simple you rate yourself out of 30 for each skill.

10 being ok, 15 good, 20, great, 25 excellent and 30 outstanding.

With a bit of self awareness and honesty this can fairly accurately predict success rate. It explains and allows for success by compensation.

What do the results mean?

Somebody experienced with natural Persona and Adaptive Resilience can get off to a great start and reach the top quite quickly. By time this person has completed training, increased his knowledge and hopefully gained some confidence, (which would put his Adaptive Resilience score up) he is capable of being a top sales person.

Each first tier element is expanded into 6 core attributes on the second tier – 24 in total.

Those 24 are developed further with another 6 each. 144 in total.

In the deeper test, you would answer questions that give us a more accurate score than the first basic test.

These tests are a little different from standard personality tests because they are not testing you, but your ability to achieve your task. If there was an element of Creativity that you didn’t need such as Research, you would score that as high because your ability is up to the task. SPARK Principles tests look for skills that are lacking for a specific requirement.

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